1.  Google Advertising Promotion

That is to say, "Keyword Advertising" displays relevant advertisements in the best position of the search results page, which helps you seize opportunities, successfully attract potential customers, and bring you more business opportunities!

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2. FACEBOOK Advertising promotion

 Through Facebook joint advertising, merchants can and efficiently carry out performance marketing activities on the Xia Shang platform, balance the high-quality traffic and product sales of the platform, and give full play to the maximum benefit of cooperation between brands and Xia Shang platform.

3. IG Advertising promotion:

On Facebook、Messenger、Instagram Direct、Whatsapp、Business、Wechat Application tools that use A| artificial intelligence to perform customer service automatically and promotion will be the focus of online marketing and the new favorite of the online store promotion.

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4. Whatsapp Advertising promotion:

On Facebook、Messenger、Instagram Direct. Whatsapp、Business、Wechat and other platforms use A| artificial intelligence to automatically serve customers and promote application tools, which will become the focus of network marketing and the new favorite of online shop promotion.


The success of HKMP is based on Google advertising, Facebook advertising, Ig advertising, and Whatsapp advertising. Our technical expertise and innovation can provide all customers with full-service solutions. Online advertising practice and strategy analysis, serving more than 1,000 SME customers and managing Google. Facebook.Yahoo and other major platforms have rich experience in hukouWith the passion for digitalization and the extensive knowledge behind us; Teams can provide excellent results for customers. We want to keep abreast of the latest trends in the network, and we are proud to adjust our strategy to provide every customer solution at the forefront of the industry. We provide tailor-made digital marketing solutions to meet the specific needs of customers and practical solutions.

Our Project

Focus on providing customers with one-stop online and outdoor advertising programs, Google advertising promotion, Facebook advertising promotion, Ig advertising promotion, and Whatsapp advertising promotion provide cross-platform digital marketing and regional solutions. Our team of professional consultants promises to be on call.

Our Team

Our vision and mission ①vision:Gather the enthusiasm, appreciation, creativity, and positive strength of personal content creators to establish an influential media company ②mission:Leading real marketing, inspiring the strength of independent creative talents with high-quality videos, content creation, and ideas

Our achievements

Number of 106 customers 198 construction website 506 Complete the project 8760 working hours