Photography belongs to art

Photography belongs to art, and art has never really been the pinnacle of definition. Therefore, it has the potential to encourage its followers to create and climb constantly. From ancient times to the present, photographic art has been continuously improving and leaping over in technology. Still, in art itself, I think it is similar to the concept of fashion, which keeps repeating. For example, something that was popular in the 1980s is now translated into a fashion element. This goes on and on, generation after generation of people to imitate and perceive. Because the people of today have not experienced the social concepts and the reality of their lives of the people of the past, it is even more "fashionable" to interpret it now. Maybe it is the beauty of photography. Photography is also the case for chestnuts, early years (at least more than a decade ago), soft light photos to people feeling is fashion at that time, as time goes by quickly, people's aesthetic changes, feel is very soil photograph, replace it is a style of Europe and the United States that a high-profile replaced, and now photos of the light feeling more again, this is a process of repetition. However, in this process, people now give it a new definition. The name remains the same, but the same thing looks completely different because of the various living environments and ages. To redefine the aesthetic, perhaps this is also the charm of photography. When I studied Rembrandt light, I used the most rigorous education method to tell me the standard triangular light. However, look at the photography works now, where is there such a strict distinction? How many orthodox to learn the basic knowledge and operating principles of photography in the photography friends around? A hundred flowers bloom, infinite creativity; perhaps this is also the charm of photography. Photography is the art of light and the expression of people to things, expressing their views and ideas through the lens, but also need to combine the artistic sense of the picture, just saying, photos appear to have no intention of art no power. It is just art. Photographs seem soulless. Therefore, in my opinion, photography is a product of the combination of two aspects. No matter how good a photographer is, he will have many waste films. It is impossible to succeed at one time. The truth is elementary, learn the basic concepts and operation methods of photography, innovate thinking, be good at composition, frame and shoot through your thoughts, and finally combine them. Combining the two points (expression and shooting technique) is very reasonable; this photo must be compelling. Perhaps this is the natural beauty of photography.


Long-term shooting experience

Long-term shooting experience tells me that there is no real art in a large number of guest films, because it is not your (photographer's) soul but the guest's request. Therefore, we should be "two-faced", but we should try our best to make up for the artistic gap with our guests by combining our photography techniques to achieve a new balance. After a long time, we know that guests also have aesthetics. Although they have different heights and different understandings, art itself is not a kind of balance. They also understand what stunning photos are and what ugly colours are. Therefore, I think photography is an art, and the usual photography work is an expression of another art, which may lower the so-called level, but it also benefits me a lot. Guests cannot teach you anything, but they also teach you many things you do not know. Perhaps this is also the charm of photography. In addition, photography is also a means to survive and make money, a tool, and a necessity in photographers' life. It is better than anything else to adjust the mentality, and the photos taken are more natural and smooth. Do not be an artist who starved to death, and does not be a flattering "waiter".


Today, I understand and summarize my photography, and think it is dynamic and stable. From the long-term growth of photography, from the early single pursuit of technology and development, it has gradually become a summary and induction of photography responsibility and personal social thinking. Therefore, I understand photography. I think it is a visual way to observe life, society, human emotions, stories, etc. It has self-worth and social thinking, and social responsibility. Here, it seems to be stable and stereotyped.

As a subjective explanation, photography is more social and personal; Roy stryker said: "A good documentary film should not only tell what a place or thing or person looks like, but also tell the audience what it will make people feel about the actual witnesses of the scene". Arthur rostain, a member of the stryker Photographers Group, also said: "The lens of the camera is the eyes of the person watching the photo." In fact, photography should reflect the photographer's thoughts and feelings. Rather than conveying objective facts through photography, photographers convey their understanding and thinking of the things in front of them. Therefore, even if we only think from a photographer's perspective, photography conveys a feeling and makes the audience resonate.